Pure and simple;
businesses should compete based on great stories.
It's my job to draw out and photograph your stories
in a way that causes customers to click with your brand.

Nashville-based photographer and visual storyteller
with a great love of people. 

Born and raised in the South
with a deep appreciation for roots, narrative, quality, 
and well-honed craft. 

With a BA in Photography from Thomas Edison State College;
and a thesis was written on How Photography Causes Social Change
your images will come from a deep understanding of the power of images.

The mediums that I use are diverse; two film Hasselblads to a digital camera.
My work has been hailed as unique, transparent + true
and I photograph for a variety of clients across the Southeast.
With a relaxed + professional demeanor that puts my clients at ease, 
I provide them with delicately constructed images, 
telling their story in the best light.

Proudly supported by Wonderful Machine.