Beyond Commercial Photography.

This is my game show idea: You could drop me off with a passport, credit card, cell phone and a camera just about anywhere.
Pick me up in say, ten days. I'd have probably a library of 1-2k of photos and 20 new friends.
This is my habit on solo trips, walking into a place with an open heart and curious eye.
I'm the one that runs down strange alleyways, finding the road less traveled, and getting close to anything and anyone.

This talent has been of great benefit to my clients... it's not uncommon for me to pitch stories to some of my best clients.
From healthcare photography that's more in the moment than we planned... to telling stories for AARP during Quarantine 2020...
to locating sustainable agriculture programs to highlighting the perfect small business... I have a story up my sleeve, always.

I always keep a list of people, places and subjects that I want to shoot and think would be phenomenal for clients to highlight.
Interested in having me on your creative team- email me at

A few bespoke stories that I created for clients...

Med Center Health
AARP Wendell Berry
Caliber Collision

On set creating custom photography for Caliber Collision in Dallas, TX
Icelandic Horse

Create magical custom photography content that no one else can have.

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