Commercial Photography with a Phenomenal Production Team

The world of commercial photography is a fantastic place to live. For me, making images is my happy place, so I consider myself a lucky gal to be doing something that brings me so much joy. Whenever I tell someone I'm a photographer, I always get the funniest responses. No, I don't want to shoot your cousin's upcoming nuptials, but thank you for considering me. Or yes, I do get to travel a lot, but I rarely get a 5-star room or relax on the trip. Even when I'm talking with creatives, it's clear there is a lot of mystery around being a commercial photographer.  

One of my favorite misconceptions is that I’m a lone wolf. It's a great image to imagine, but this photographer is not an island. I'm not crazy enough to think I'd want to do this all by myself.

I’m a Commercial Photographer that Comes with a Phenomenal Production Team.

I know. Online, it looks like I’m a one-woman band, and this is on purpose… because to me, when you’re hiring me, you’re hiring an experience, a perspective, and a voice. You need to know me. Hiring the right photographer means it needs to be personal. I have to let you into my world, show you what motivates me, where I find my perspective, and that our values align.

Usually, when I get a call from a commercial client (or, as I like to call them, new creative friends), they’ll say something like, “I don’t know how I found you… somewhere on Google or the internet… and man. Something just resonated. Like almost a spiritual sense…” (nearly verbatim from a tech client who reached out last summer.)

This is what we like to hear!!! 👏 👂 👏

However… somewhere in being so personal, a common misconception creeps in that I work alone. The truth is, when you hire me as a creative photographer, you’re also hiring tailored support that fits my voice, style, and whole experience.

When you hire me, you hire my team.

Your girl has connections all over the states and the world. Still, I primarily work with two established producers for most of my projects. They also have relationships throughout the US. One works in Dallas, one in Nashville, and both have production connections on both coasts. I also keep my Rolodex fresh with incredible producers. When you hire me, you’re relying on a vast network that can mobilize at the drop of a hat to bring your creative brief.

And, behind my lighting that looks so natural... is a crew that understands me. My team knows I work quickly and flexibly, so I can catch moments over perfection. But, they also understand I require lighting that looks like no lights are used.

I bet you're now thinking, wait, most of her shots are lit? Most folks don’t realize that. I’m not “just a natural light photographer.” I work with strobes and continuous lighting all the time. The difference is that I understand natural light angles, so they can be recreated. It would be impossible to make this look happen without a crew that creates these scenes effortlessly under my direction.

Offset, and behind my beautiful online presence, I also work with an invaluable team. First, my virtual assistant keeps your emails responded to quickly. Second, my website guru is responsible for keeping this whole thing running smoothly. Third, if you receive my newsletter emails showcasing my new images, you've already met my marketing consultant. And lastly, I've got a dynamic duo who handles all finance matters. There’s nothing worse than an urgent email that goes unresponded to or cash that isn’t managed.

I don’t expect that I can serve folks well and try to be all these things.

All this is really for you.
Working with my commercial photography team is 100% a group project... in the best way possible, where everyone is committed to your success.