Fresh Young Voice in Advertising Photography, Still Seasoned

Promise, it’s just clean livin’ that makes me look this bright eyed and busy tailed.


I’ve gotten some deep understanding that for me, it takes sleep, nutrition, water, walking, prayer and regular pilates for me to show up on set with a strong immune system, bright eyes and health. Creativity doesn’t come from a burned out wick, it comes from a red hot flame. These lifestyle choices both make me look young and keep me at my best when I show up on set. 

I digress.

And, I am also hella young. And, that doesn’t mean that I’m not experienced in the creative advertising world. I’ve been in business for ten years, and established my company nine years ago. It’s been my full time job… I’ve spent those years shooting, working on set, talking and dreaming with the best in the advertising business, and honing my craft.

Right off the bat, I started working with agencies like Ogilvy + Mather, publications like People Magazine, Morningstar, surgeons in healthcare… and continue to work with both advertising agencies and in house companies like BMW, Mercedes Benz, Godaddy and Airbnb who didn’t feel that I was too young.

At this point, I’m seasoned enough to know the business well and get the job done, yet young enough to be walk onto the set with enough energy and enthusiasm for everyone. It’s a joy to keep pressing forward with that same youth, presence and passion that I started with ten years ago. I’m still a believer.

And I’m keeping the 🔥 alive.