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Abigail is a people oriented commercial photographer and director of photography with big heart. While she calls Nashville, Tennessee home, she has told stories for an impressive client list all over the world. With an active passport, 75% of her work is an out of state commission. Her 10 year commercial career has spanned a huge variety of corporate clients and advertising agencies.

Abigail has traveled solo & with production crews throughout the world in some of the globe's most remote locations. Her commercial work for lifestyle brands telling genuine stories with heart supports documentary work with folks who deserve great photojournalistic storytelling.

She believes every person is worthy of being seen.

With a B.A. in Photography, Abigail has studied light both real and created, the fine art of working with people, storytelling in multiple mediums and also the psychological effect of images on the human mind.

Crunchy granola things bring her joy, including growing her own vegetables, eating beef liver and ingesting mushrooms. She's really fond of swinging steel maces around in her back yard to the consternation of her neighbors.
She has been known to run into d/Deaf folks on set, which brings her joy because she is fluent in American Sign Language. And, as they say, if you're from Nashville you have to play music: she plays four instruments.

Speaking of music, this is her 2022 playlist. While most new TV shows aren't her thing, she's seen every MASH episode ever created.

She's extremely passionate about social change, and believes in the scientific and emotional power of still images to break down walls and to build bridges. (She wrote an 80-page thesis paper about this.)

A portion of all campaign work goes towards funding storytelling projects with deserving non-profits and NGOs. If you're interested in this, please email her abigail@abigailbobo.com

Her photography and motion work is really the tip of the Icelandic iceberg, and she has been described as "one of the most unusual people you will ever meet." More up her alley, she is often described as having "really great energy" and "extremely kind" words of which she hopes to be worthy.

If you want to hear her thoughts about life, photography and humans, visit her podcast.

The Gren Group


At Edge, Workbook, Photographers Without Borders

Here's where we name drop: Selected CLIENTS

Airbnb, AAA, AARP, Billboard, Bitter Southerner, BMW, Bohan, Bookings.com, Buick, Caliber Collision, Colle + McVoy, Core Creative, Covenant Health, Environmental Defense Alliance, Farm Credit, Fresenius Medical Care, Garden & Gun, GoDaddy, Godwin Group, Harvard University, Healthcare Corporation of America, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt, Huffington Post, Imagine Pub, Kansas City Schools, Med Center Health, Mercedes Benz, Methodist Le Bonheur Hospital, Morton Salt, National Geographic, Ogilvy, People Magazine, Realtor.com, R/GA, Southern Living, US Bank Reserve, Wall Street Journal, Warby Parker