I got a call from Southern Lifestyle Development about a development named Lost Rabbit last year and was immediately intrigued. This development in Jackson, MS was designed by the same architect that created Rosemary Beach on 30A in Florida. It’s designed to be a new urban town that fosters healthy families, an outdoor lifestyle and sensory rest. These clients were perfect for my style. I was able to partner with Godwin Group out of Jackson (a truly visionary agency) and work with amazing art directors. Additionally, Southern Lifestyle specifically asked me to shoot as a photojournalist; my creativity just ran wild here. Shot lists are great, and I always fill them, but moments are better.

The challenge was unique; to capture not only the houses that exist in Lost Rabbit, but also to capture the beautiful lifestyle that the town fosters. We didn’t want it to look corporate, but we were selling houses. It’s important to recognize what you are selling; but it’s more important to know what people are buying. In this case, people are buying homes either for their inner state of peace or to provide their children with the best possible childhood. Lost Rabbit is a gorgeous location; but what’s really on the table is the feeling that you get when you drive through the Natchez Trace entrance. It’s a release of modern worries. Through using natural moments and beautiful lighting, I created an invitation for people to come and see this town for themselves.

When we focus on real moments and masterful storytelling, companies thrive and our world is a better place. I’m so saddened when I hear professionals get jaded on advertising. Good marketing is about presenting people with the best options; and when we forget to fall in love with our clients a little bit, it’s easy to get burned out. Let’s make 2018 the year when we fall in love with the best that our clients have to offer. Need way better storytelling through thoughtful images, both moving and still for your clients this year? Let’s talk!