Every Adventure Starts with Light

My adventure started around 7 or 8 when I would watch the light dance through the branches of the Georgia pines around my Southern home. It could permeate the most dense brush, spilling out onto the ground to create designs all around me. I realized that when light showed up, it changed the way we would experience the world around us as it moved and shifted. There was a freshness, a newness, to everything it touched, and it brought joy and excitement with it. I could always find the light somewhere...even in the places that it seemed void.

This light is what a photograph is. An array of light that is manipulated or caught just right, shows off the concept of possibility. Light creates a beauty that brings along with it a desire to see more, do more, be more. It draws us in like all good stories do.

I am enraptured by the stories that light tells, which is why I love, and believe, in what a photograph can say. I am more than a commercial photographer. I am more than a visual storyteller. I am a story maker, bringing to life the heart and soul behind brands and companies, that believe in the same things I do: Depth, community, adventure, enchantment, and wonder. I do more than create an image to sell a product; I curate a culture that cannot be ignored.
As a Nashville, Dallas, and San Francisco-based commercial advertising photographer with a BA in Photography from Thomas Edison State College, and a Master’s of Divinity in Theology, I create art and tell stories from a deep understanding of the heartbeat of humanity.  I travel far and wide both regionally and internationally for the stories that have to be told, beg to be told, and I simply cannot help myself in bringing them to life. See, anyone can tell a story, but it takes a perspective, passion, depth, and spark to give that story wings to soar. Along with these qualities, and a passport looking to be filled, I will travel anywhere.

I shoot in diverse mediums, recognizing that the differences between a digital photograph and film image can give unique depth to what I want to showcase. From a tried and true full format Leica digital camera to two film Hasselblads, I shoot with intense purpose and intentionality. These cameras, along with hours of knitting (yes, knitting), have taught me the value of patience, finding the humanity in everything, being 3-4 steps ahead of where I need to be, and making the complex seem effortless.

My work, through directing and creating each shoot and the stories that it can’t help but tell, speak for themselves. I can tout all my credentials and clout, spouting flashy buzzwords that you’ll find on other sites such as visual storyteller, commercial creator, lifestyle photographer, visual director, landscape photo maker, and director of art, but it’s important to note that I bring something extra that you won’t find on a simple resume.

Like running through leaves on a fall day, I bring expectant hope. A tender and true glimpse into the layers deep underneath the facade of a company, just waiting to be given their day in the light.

I found the light while shooting adventure photography for Airbnb in Iceland, trekking through miles of the most epic black sand by horseback, waking up the next morning before the sun to capture the only sunrise we would see on our entire two week trip.

I found the light during my healthcare campaign with Med Center Health by breaking away from the structure of “planned photography”, opting instead to shadow a young resident whose gentle and honest rapport he carried to each healthcare patient showed the humanity of his work.

I found the light during my automotive shoot for Mercedes-Benz, discovering that the young couple who had been given the opportunity to take their dream car for a spin radiated excitement and joy from every place in and around them, making for magical images for the client.

I found the light in the small town of Helena, AR, after 7 months of working with a humanitarian photography client, shooting the residents of the small town whose monthly cost of living was less than $500 a month. By showing up, asking them about themselves, and caring deeply for the stories they told, they felt that for at least their moment with me, that someone cared and wanted to lift them up.

I found the light for my corporate photography client Parallon. We would wander the halls of their office building, finding light and then placing their employees into that light to highlight the unique care and corporate culture that sets them apart for their annual report. A village gathers around the light.

Light is just waiting for us to find it. Whether you sell BMW motorcycles, help teachers and students connect in their schools, are gathering farm stories as deep and wide as a soy field, or want to remind people the adventure is still out there waiting, the light exists and I make sure that when all is said and done, you feel as though you have entered into that story and need to know more.

I find the light. Will you join me on the adventure to tell those stories?

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