businesses should compete
based on great stories.

Pure and simple.
It's my job to draw out and photograph your stories
in a way that causes customers to click with your brand.

Nashville-based photographer and visual storyteller
with a great love of people. 

My work is focused on telling better stories
for your website, blog, print collateral, social media and in-house displays.



With a BA in Photography from Thomas Edison State College;
and a thesis was written on How Photography Causes Social Change
(Fun fact: I taught photography at the collegiate level for a year!)
and an in-progress Master's of Divinity (don't worry, it's online part time and photos are full time!)
your images will come from a deep understanding of the power of images
and the human heart.


Born and raised in the South
with a deep appreciation for roots, narrative, quality, 
and well-honed craft. 

Lover of hospitality, rocking chairs, deep conversations
and the word "ya'll."


Photo Party?

My work has been hailed as unique, transparent + true
and I photograph for a variety of clients.
With a relaxed + professional demeanor
that puts my subjects at ease,
I provide them with delicately constructed images,
telling their story in the best light.



The mediums that I use are diverse; two film Hasselblads to a digital camera. 
I love the slowness and intentionality of photographing with film
as well as the delicate color palette that comes from the reaction of chemistry and light.
For clients, I work with a processing lab that can provide scans in double time.
Digitally speaking, I work with full format Leica cameras that bring the same weight
and intentionality to my work.



They say you can't be from Nashville and not be a musician.
I play harp, guitar, piano + mountain dulcimer and am a classically trained vocalist. I'm on iTunes, but these days I enjoy playing for fun and worshipping more than anything.



Nashville has been home for fourteen years: currently, I’m living in a pre-war apartment converted from an old convent!
However, I travel for around 75% of my commercial and editorial work. Nashville touches seven states and is home to BNA International airport, so being in motion comes naturally.


Dog Mom

I rescued Otis in December 2017 as an 8-week old puppy from Proverbs 12:10 Animal Rescue. He is a smart cookie and definitely keeps me on my toes.
Otis helps me in the office and in the field
and sometimes he likes to frame up a shot or two himself. 


In short

Lover of the Light.
Always looking for the beautiful.
Always finding it.