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Automotive lifestyle photography... to me, cars are about adventure and the people that guide them.

I’m not your “typical” car photographer,
as I didn’t grow up taking apart engines.

But then, my first “adult” car was a hard-top Mini Cooper,
so maybe I should have seen it coming.

My next car was a cherry red Fiat 500CX,
so really, my obsession with cars continued.

Then I started photographing unique vintage auto owners.

Shooting cars was a natural progression…
and somewhere along the way, vehicle photography became a specialty
for companies like
Mercedes-Benz, BMW and Buick.

To me, automobiles are about freedom…
whether you sit in the interior or observe the exterior, they tell a story about where you can go.

If you’re in need of some candid, in the moment image of automobiles in motion or filled up with people enjoying them, please shoot me an email to abigail@abigailbobo.com