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Capturing real people doing real things... Environmental portraiture that strikes the heart. Photographs are more than meets the eye, as are the people that fill them.

I have always loved people.

Their emotions, the way an expression flits across their face, and the way they express themselves to the world.

Making ordinary people feel comfortable in front of the camera
in candid, unposed portraits
is my gift.

I might be photographing in a corporate business environment, in the middle of a farmer's field covered in mud and stubble or in an artist’s studio covered in wood chips and paint.
Any way, I love it.

Environmental portraiture means
I come to you where you are.

Art directors both from world-class editorial publications like People Magazine, Business Insider and Garden & Gun to in-house advertising companies like Harvard University, HCA and Morningstar have trusted me to shoot authentic and warm portraits of the people they honor.

I’ve photographed musicians, doctors, lawyers, bankers, textile workers, factory workers, mechanics, real estate agents and farmers… teachers, chefs, restauranteurs, children and seniors.

They are all the same to me- worthy of being celebrated.

If you’ve found yourself in need of environmental portraits that bring out the best of your subject, email me abigail@abigailbobo.com