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Telling the stories of food and the people that celebrate gatherings.

I'll never forget my first foray into food photography... it was shooting a lifestyle set for Morton Salt with Ogilvy. We put together an immersive community gathering, complete with custom dishes, all of Nashville's best guests and a relaxed back porch dining experience.

I was hooked.

While I've gotten to photograph chefs and restauranteurs all over the country for folks like Marriott and Southern Living, I've never forgotten what it is about food.
See, I can put together a fine meal in my home... but a meal eaten alone is not what it's about.

It's community... and people.

Even the love behind a shot of a plated dish is palpable.

Whether you need photographs of a cheesemaker, a winery, or a major restaurant chain... it boils down to experience, and people.

Email me at abigail@abigailbobo.com for more.