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Healthcare photography with a heartbeat... telling the stories of doctors, nurses and wellness professionals.

The first time I stepped into a hospital for a healthcare shoot, I knew I was in a sacred place.

Armed with my camera,  I scrubbed in & stepped into the OR to photograph doctors, nurses and surgeons at work.

The magic of the operating room never left me.

Hospitals are where compassion meets decisiveness, and where healing meets health.

It's a holy point of intersection.

As I think about our brave healthcare workers, I'm inspired to keep telling their stories in new ways.

We have to document, honor and reflect the love seen in the eyes over the masks.

For example, I love shadowing young residents in their first rounds in the hospitals. They have so much love in their eyes, and new-found passion coming to life.

Telling the stories of custodians, surgeons, receptionists, nurses and food workers in healthcare
says a lot more about the community and ecosystem of a hospital than anything could.

And it isn’t just shooting photographs in hospitals that tells the full brand story…
but also thinking of the patients
when they have returned home safe and sound.

Need compelling imagery in a hospital, clinic or wellness center?
Photographs & motion for healthcare professionals is one of my favorite things to create. Email abigail@abigailbobo.com