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Boots on, passport ready. Immersive travel and tourism photography suited for any adventure.

Adventure is my middle name...
both as a photographer and an individual.

I have a serious case of wanderlust.
I’ve travelled to the Middle East alone
(ask me about my rental car experience)
spent two weeks in the New Mexico desert,
slept in a car roof tent in Iceland
and been to several continents.
My passport is usually within an arm’s length.

Tourism brands rely on me for advertising images
that give a sense of place.
Among others,
I’ve made images
for Airbnb, AAA & National Geographic everywhere
from Nashville to Iceland.

There are few things I won't do to get the shot...
don't tell my grandmother.

Most don’t even know the lengths that I go to creating imagery on wind-tossed beaches,
slippery mountain paths and navigating cities where I don’t speak the language.
I’ve always found that a nod and a smile go a long way.

On a horse farm in Iceland, I remember sitting around the table with my new friends who spoke in multiple languages. Even when they began a brief soliloquy in German, having decided it was more suited to their story, I felt the universal feeling of love, kindness & joy.

To me, people are the one great adventure.
Knowing how my neighbor lives overseas
is a matter of hospitality and open-heartedness.

We can change the lives of people over the globe
by building empathy-
and change our planet
by building respect for what we’ve been given to conserve.

If you need travel images that tell a story for your adventure business, I delight in photographing and shooting compelling motion for tourism boards, visitor’s centers, luxury hotels, travel brands and publications that love people and their stories.
Send a note to abigail@abigailbobo.com