Telling honest and raw, oily and gritty automotive shop stories for Caliber Collision.

When Citrus Advertising approached me in for this Dallas, TX photography library shoot, they knew that they needed a lot of content in a three day shoot- and it needed to feel real. As we collaborated on creative, we kept coming back to photographing their real mechanics: with dirt on their nails, sweat on their brows and imperfections in their work environment.

Together, we worked to create a library of candid, photojournalism style shots of their mechanics in combination with polished and immersive images of models in the shop. The result? Images that speak to the real life, joy, and hard work shown by Caliber's mechanics all over the United States.

Agency: Citrus Advertising
Executive Creative Director: Jason Shipp
Art Director- Keyan Kenney
Brand Designer- Sam Butz
Client Producer- Gus Espinosa

Producer: Kaylah Key Productions + Assistant JQ Gammon
Wardrobe: Jalondra Jones
Makeup: Jocelyn Lopez
Wardrobe Assistant: Brittany McClard

1st Assistant: Phillip Anderson
2nd Assistant: Matt McDaniel
3rd Assistant: Joaquin Lopez

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