Being A Photographer In Nashville

I've historically avoided Broadway, home of country music history, Honky Tonks and nights to forget. Its not a place a lot of local Nashville folks go unless they work there... or if there's a show at a spot like the Ryman. We rarely appreciate what's right in our own backyard...

Maybe it was the need to see life and joy again. Or maybe it was the delight of discovering something new from the old. But street photography started calling my name last year, and it finally happened as things began to reopen... it was a beautiful reminder to me. In Nashville, there's always magic to be found.

It's 2021 and I've lived in Nashville for 17 years. It's a beautiful home, and also a beautiful home base for me since I live a short rideshare away from the international airport. Creating imagery here has been a growing experience... Nashville has been an incubator of ideas, hope and success for me.

What you might be suprised to learn is that only a handful of my commercial photography clients are music industry folks. Instead, I work with loads of healthcare and hospitals seeking advertising photography, insurance and finance companies, and lifestyle product folks. One of our largest industries is health and wellness... and with top research companies here in town, tech-based data management companies also gather around. We also have a thriving tourism and hospitality industry, with folks coming to Nashville from all over the world. And, of course, there's the Nashville Entrepreneur Center, which incubates new products and inventions all the time.

Whether you're just visiting my page because you're an out of towner looking for a local photographer or someone who is rooted in Nashville's thriving artist community like I am, let me say: welcome, ya'll.